Street Society was initiated in 2010 by Professor Ruth Morrow and over the years has been driven by Dr Sarah Lappin, Dr Nuala Flood and Professor Ruth Morrow, with the support of PhD students and external curators. In 2016 and 2017 we were also able to invite International Observers with expertise in Live projects and or community based practice.

2010- Prof Ruth Morrow, James Brown

2011- Prof Ruth Morrow, James Brown

2012- Prof Ruth Morrow, Paul Bower, Dr Sarah Lappin

2013- Prof Ruth Morrow, Paul Bower, Dr Sarah Lappin

2014- Dr Sarah Lappin, Roisin McAllister

2015- Dr Nuala Flood, Conor McCafferty

2016- Prof Ruth Morrow, Conor McCafferty (project manager), Dr Rachel O’Grady (curator). International Observers: Prof Maurice Mitchell, Natalie Weadick, Colin Priest

2017- Prof Ruth Morrow, Ryan Hamill (project manager), Dr Mirjami Schuppert (curator). International Observers: Prof Prue Chiles, Jim Segers, Emmett Scanlon