2015: Westbourne Church / Titanic People

Client: Westbourne Church / Titanic People

Project: Public space in front of historic building

Student Group: Christopher Munns, Muni Azida Azmi (MArch 1); Sophie Gibson, Alan York, Leah Gibbins, William Brady, Emma Reid, Aisha Holmes (BSc 1)


The client’s brief: The current church building is too large for its regular congregation however it is still a significant building within the community and has strong ties to the shipyards. There are currently plans for the church to be redeveloped so that whilst it will still serve as a church on a Sunday it will also offer a tourist destination that tells the history of the world through the eyes of East Belfast. Our project was to propose the redevelopment of the space at the front of the church.

The group response: “The brief had a number of different elements and in order to simplify it our initial thought was to try to crystalize an idea from the brief. We came up with two themes that would run throughout the project. The idea of Belfast’s ships building heritage (Construction) and the devastation of the Blitz (Destruction).”

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