2015: Recomposing the City

Client: Recomposing the City research group, Queen’s

Project: East Belfast Acoustic Mapping

Student Group: Adrienne Barr, Bill Lazenbatt (MArch 1); Anna Crew, Ben Nesbitt, Ellen Cassidy, Sarah Neill, Aaron Vinaccia (BSc 1)


The client’s brief:  This Street Society office will explore the sonic conditions of the East Belfast study area. The group will analyse the audible environment and come up with ways to invite local people to listen with fresh ears. Inspired by the pioneering sound maps produced by acoustic ecologists, architects and sound artists, the group will find methods to translate sound into innovative urban analysis. As the main output for the week, the group will identify a method of engaging the public in the sonic environment, producing a final output by Friday afternoon: perhaps a printed map, a guided sound walk, a listening device, an online sonic archive…

The group response: See the group’s blog at https://recomposingthecity2015.wordpress.com/

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