2015: Landmark East

Client: Landmark East

Project: Proposals for site of a former garage, Bloomfield Avenue

Student Group: Paul McCreanor, Stefan Downey, Jamie Campbell (MArch 1); Jason Moore, Katherine McClearn, Thomas Tsiantar, Juliette Moore (BSc 1)

The client’s brief: The development of a non-profit scheme on a vacant brown field site for the purpose of bringing people back into the area. To enliven the streets once again to a bustling hive of commercial activity.

The group response: “The brief was very open to our own interpretation. The client presented us with a scheme that had originally been done using shipping containers similar to another in Bangor.

“The client obviously liked the colourful playfulness of the container idea so we initially thought of designing something that used modular prefabricated units, not shipping containers but timber boxes locally produced that could be purchased empty, fitted out by someone to meet their needs and arranged in such away to provide a courtyard and give a vibrant street connection with live commercial windows on the ground and residential above.”

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