Street Society 2014

Into the West Rail Lobby. Derry~Londonderry. Client: Into the West Rail Lobby.

Drawing by students working with the Into the West Rail Lobby in Derry
Drawing by students who worked with Into the West Rail Lobby in Derry

Video: QUB Street Society presentation about the historic Waterside Station – at Mayor’s Parlour, Guildhall, Derry. (Via Into the West Rail Lobby on Facebook.)

Sailortown Listening Map. Belfast. Client: Recomposing the City Research Group, QUB.

Download the Sailortown Listening Map [pdf, 1.4mb].

For more info, visit the project blog.

Spatial Intervention. Belfast. Client: QUB Architecture Staff.

A temporary exhibition space in the city. As an architect, how do you intervene with the city? Space is defined with the objects and people in them as well as the city they ‘stand’ within. The aim for the week was to pick a feasible first year student temporary spatial intervention project – a design of a small scale outdoor exhibition space; this was to be constructed and placed within Belfast City Centre. Economy of making was a design criterion for this temporary space. It is a semi-enclosed space, made up of a single material with connections kept to a minimum.

Where is Lower Garfield Street? Belfast. Client: PLACE.

Proposals for street furniture interventions and bike storage on Lower Garfield Street, home of the new office of PLACE.

Walls400. Derry~Londonderry. Client: City Walls Heritage Project.

Community Gardens. North Belfast. Client: North Belfast Senior Citizen’s Forum.

Derelict Buildings. South Belfast. Client: South Belfast Partnership Board.

Potential uses for a Victorian Greenhouse and Garden. Benburb. Client: Servite Priory.

Covered Walkway. West Belfast. Client: Maureen Sheehan Centre.

Peter Rice Meccano Project. Belfast. Client: QUB Engineering Staff.

Documentary Group. All locations.